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Ayurveda Paralysis Treatment in Delhi

Ayurnava is an authentic Ayurvedic Paralysis treatment center located in Delhi and Gurgaon. Offers effective Paralysis treatments with supervision of highly qualified doctors and therapists. Ayurnava ayurveda treatment center in Delhi is a Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala certified healing and wellness center with highly experienced physicians and therapists.

What is Paralysis

Paralysis is the weakness of body, which is caused by the damage to the nervous system, especially to the spinal cord. This will result in loss of muscle function of body which can be localized or generalized, can be temporary or permanent. This can sometimes be associated with sensory loss also.
Paralysis is named differently according to which part of the body is affected. When muscles of face, arm and leg of only one side of the body is affected, it is called hemiplegic. When all of the limbs are affected, it is quadriplegia.

Causes of Paralysis

Paralysis of body occurs due to many reasons such as injury to the nervous system, any other neurological causes like spina bifida, cerebral palsy, stroke.
Ayurveda consider this condition as Vatavyadhi (due to vitiation of vatadosha).
Ayurveda consider vatadosha (especially vyanavata dosha) as the chief reason of all body functions.
Acharya Vagbhata in Ashtanga Hridaya explain that raktadushti leading to vataprakopa result in pakshaghata.

Pakshaghata is caused by reasons like:

1. Intake of food having tastes of Tikta(bitter, Usana(pungent), Kashaya(astringent)
2. Intake of food which is rooksha( too dry), alpa( too little ) etc
3. Ati vyayama( excessive exercise)
4. Vegadharana( suppression of natural urges)
5. Nisa Jagarana(keeping awake at night)
6. Atyuchabhashana( talking excessively)
These all lead to Vata kopa in the body , which can be one sided(pakshaghata) or two sided(sarvangaroga).
We do treatments for normalizing body dosha levels. This will be as sodhana and samana

Medicines used for pakshaghata are

1. Maharasnadi kashayam
2. Dhanadanayanadi kashayam
3. Nayopayam kashayam
4. Narayana tailam
5. Ksheerabala tailam
6. Dasamoolam ghritam
7. Aswagandhadi choornam etc

Treatment procedures include

1. Virechanam
2. Abhyangam
3. Svedanam
4. Sirodhara
5. Nasya
6. Kayaseka
7. Pizhichil
8. Shashtika pinda svedam etc

Ayurnava are experts in formulating a customized holistic Paralysis treatment solution uniquely for you. Book your appointment with our expert doctors now!

Ayurnava is also a specialist in providing various Ayurveda panchakarma treatments with effective plans.

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